Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I am buying RealWood certified wood?

Look for the RealWood tag.  RealIpe, RealCumaru, RealMassaranduba and other tags will be attached to the ends of the boards. Brazilian Wood Depot is the supplier for this certification in the United States.

Where do I buy RealWood certified wood?

View the “RealWood affiliates” sidebar for a list of manufacturers and suppliers. Brazilian Wood Depot imports lumber from the affiliates and stocks it in the U.S. and provides this lumber along with the best fasteners and finishes to home owners, contractors and resellers.

Why doesn’t everyone buy RealWood?

Everybody doesn’t know about how well RealWood hard woods compare to composite and PT decking.  Many are simply not AWARE that it is easily available.  The growing popularity is due almost solely to heightened awareness.

Who is responsible for assuring that the lumber is
tagged and graded correctly?

The RealWood affiliate that you buy your lumber from is responsible for seeing that you get the product that you’re paying for and tags the boards accordingly.  The affiliate can verify this by examining the documents associated with your particular lumber and grading it.

What is the best way to install RealWood hardwood decking? 
I’ve heard that it’s a lot of work.

The effort required to pre-drill and screw deck boards is more than the effort needed to nail boards down with a pneumatic nail gun and the end result is different.  Stainless steel screws hold boards down better and do not stain the decking and rust away. 
Yes, it always takes more effort to get better results but the added effort of screwing down boards is worth the lifetime of beauty and durability you’ll enjoy from your RealWood hardwood deck. You can also use a variety of hidden fasteners if you prefer to hide the screw heads. You can see these hidden fastener options on Brazilian Wood Depot’s web page under the accessories tab (link).  In depth instructions on all the best installation techniques and design options are also reviewed on Brazilian Wood Depot’s web page.

When is the best time of the year to build my deck?

I’ve heard that the rainy season in Brazil makes it difficult or impossible to get lumber out of the jungle 6 months out of the year (and I’ve seen the RealWood Depot photos). 
Brazilian Wood Depot maintains a large supply of decking year round. However, it’s nice to plan your construction when you have the help of your kids or a helpful neighbor too ;-)